*Note: production of this amp ended in 2015.



Power Output60 Watts
Output Tubes2 – EL34
Preamp Tubes 3 – 12AX7
Rectifier1 – 5AR4
Controls Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Gain
ColorsBlack, Blonde, Red
Dimensions & Weight19”W x 9 ¾H x 9 ½D 35 lbs.
Owners ManualDownload

General Information

The SRZ-65 is one of Dr Z’s first designs going back 20 years. This amp was ahead of it’s time. You get a tube rectified EL34 output section and a classic three 12AX7 cascaded gain front end in all it’s hand wired glory. The tonal possibilities are vast. Gain and power combine to deliver pure crunch making this the ultimate rock amp. Simply roll the volume back on your guitar and you’ll hear the shimmering bell like cleans from the EL34s. The SRZ-65 is perfect for dialing up modern and classic rock sounds as well as old school British Steel.

Coming in at 60 watts the SRZ-65 can handle stages big and small. The master and gain settings allow many different shades of clean to crunch. The full EQ and Presence circuit let you dial in the perfect blend of top end, middle, and bass for your guitar. Single coil and humbucker equipped guitars are equally at home plugged in to the SRZ-65. Around back are 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outs as well as a convenience AC outlet. The SRZ-65 is available as a head only and matches up great with any of our speaker cabs…especially the Z Best!

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