Pt.1 of the New Z-Drive Demo!

Z-Drive Demo Pt.1!  In this demo we explore the tonal options and versatility of the Z-Drive preamp pedal through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Check back for Pt. 2 in the coming weeks.

Featured Combo: Z Wreck 1×12



The Z Wreck was designed in collaboration with Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Amps and Brad Paisley. It has achieved near-legendary status with all who have had a chance to sample it’s incredible, touch-senstive response.


The portable Z Wreck 1×12 features 4 military grade 6n14n output tubes, a transformer designed by Ken Fischer, and the “Speed” and “Comfort” switch to alter the feel and response of the amp.

Z-Wreck combo back

Loaded with a Celestion Gold alnico speaker, experience the brilliant chime the Z Wreck 1×12 can produce on clean settings, then crank it up for a textured, and incredibly dynamic distortion.

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DB4:  Bluesbreaker 2×12

Enjoy some Dr. Z swag when you purchase a DB4 “Bluesbreaker” 2×12 combo. Brad and I wanted to include a little gift to go with the British vintage tones of the DB4. The classic wooden-handle umbrella and can of Earl Grey Supreme Tea are based on one of my favorite Beatles record covers: Beatles ‘65. Enjoy!

DB4: Guitar Player 2016 Hall of Fame Award winner



DB4 1×12 with Celestion Gold


DB4 2×12 “Bluesbreaker” with Celestion Blues


DB4 Head with 1×12 Extension Cabinet

Two times in a row!

Guitar Player Magazine has selected the DB4 for their 2016 Hall Of Fame! This is the second consecutive year we have been rewarded this honor. Be sure to stop by a Dr. Z dealer and see what some say is the “best sound ever…seriously!” The legend has already begun to spread…

Brad Paisley’s DB4 Demo

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