Featured Amp: Maz 18 Jr.

Maz 18 combo, black/tan

The Maz 18 is one of our flagship models with approaching 3000 sold, and gracing hundreds of stages across the world. It produces a shimmering clean tone with lush spring reverb, and can be overdriven into biting, harmonic bliss. Truly a model every guitarist should play at least once, it’s stout twin EL84 power section delivers a sound that is much, much bigger than it’s conservatively rated 18 watt handling may suggest.

MAZ 18 head, black

Available in 1×12 ultra-lite combo, 2×10 ultra-lite combo, 1×12 studio cab combo, and head cab, it’s one of our most versatile and user-friendly models. Beyond reverb, it features a series effects loop, our variable boost footswitch, and hi/lo input for guitar output matching. A full treble/middle/bass EQ with presence cut control and master volume allows you to coax a plethora of different tones and vibes from the Maz 18, yet still retain that classic Dr. Z sound.

MAZ 18 studio, black/tan

The Maz 18 works well with a variety of speaker combination including the Celestion H30 (our favorite), the Celestion Creamback M65, and the Celestion V30. Open back, closed back, full stack or 1×12, the Maz 18 shines in almost any application.

CURE: Guitar Player Magazine Editors’ Pick!


Guitar Player reviews the new CURE and chooses it as this month’s Editors’ Pick!

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DB4:  Bluesbreaker 2×12

Enjoy some Dr. Z swag when you purchase a DB4 “Bluesbreaker” 2×12 combo. Brad and I wanted to include a little gift to go with the British vintage tones of the DB4. The classic wooden-handle umbrella and can of Earl Grey Supreme Tea are based on one of my favorite Beatles record covers: Beatles ‘65. Enjoy!

CURE: Introductory Price of $1299!

The CURE takes a page from the Z-Lux’s award-winning design and pulls glassy American cleans and robust tweed-like drive from a pair of 6V6s. Housed in the ultra-light, ultra-resonant Studio 1×12 cab, it comes in at only 33 lbs. and boast a much bigger sound than it’s compact package suggests.


The CURE’S Level control is a unique feature on this design, and controls the overall output volume without lowering the headroom of the amp. Set the Master high and the Volume low for shimmering cleans, then adjust the Level to taste, or crank it up to 10 and bring the Level down for juicy overdrive at whisper quiet volumes.


At the heart of the CURE is a hand-wound Triad Magnetics output transformer, as found in the classic 50’s tweed amps, exclusive to this Dr. Z design. Never one to skimp on quality, the CURE is hand-wired at Dr. Z using the best components available, all at the low 2017 introductory price of $1299.

DB4: Guitar Player 2016 Hall of Fame Award winner



DB4 1×12 with Celestion Gold


DB4 2×12 “Bluesbreaker” with Celestion Blues


DB4 Head with 1×12 Extension Cabinet

Two times in a row!

Guitar Player Magazine has selected the DB4 for their 2016 Hall Of Fame! This is the second consecutive year we have been rewarded this honor. Be sure to stop by a Dr. Z dealer and see what some say is the “best sound ever…seriously!” The legend has already begun to spread…

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