New Variable Boost Footswitch:

New for 2016 every amp with EQ bypass will include a variable boost footswitch. Same footswitch but with an added knob to control the amount of boost needed.

Featured Amp:  Therapy


The 6L6-powered Therapy is one of our most versatile amps. The interaction between volume and master controls allow you to dial in country cleans to rock and roll crunch and anything in between.


Turn your volume down and master up to get classic “American tweed” cleans.


Turn your volume up for rich over-driven crunch and adjust your master to set your level for bedroom, studio or stage use.


The post-gain-stage EQ section provides a surprising amount of control over your entire frequency range. Turn down all tone knobs and you get nothing but silence. Turn up Bass, and you get just the low band, while each subsequent knob dials in its own slice of the spectrum.

Z-LUX:  Guitar Player 2015 Hall of Fame Award winner

The editors of Guitar Player have selected the Z-LUX as the 2015 Hall of Fame Award winner in the Maximum Gear: Amps category.

“The GP editors selected the award-winning products from gear we’ve tested, reviewed, gigged with, and/or experienced at trade shows between the December 2014 and November 2015 issues of the magazine. All Maximum Gear awards are unanimously selected by the GP editors to celebrate the past year’s products we feel are transcendent, awesome, top of the tops, and totally deserving of the magazine’s most prestigious Hall of Fame honor.”

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