Featured Amp: CURE


The CURE is truly a players’ amplifier. Stunning hand-wired tones ranging from blackface sparkle to grinding overdrive with seemingly endless sustain, the CURE is a grab-n-go amp with a small footprint but a massive tonal signature.

Cure Back

Outfitted with Eminence’s exclusive Z12 speaker(as seen in the award-winning Z-LUX), the CURE weighs only 33 lbs. and comes with a variable boost footswitch and effects loop.

Using a paper bobbin Triad output transformer manufactured in the US, the CURE is assembled and wired in Cleveland, OH and warrantied by Dr. Z Amplification when purchased by an authorized Dr. Z dealer. The CURE is reasonably priced at $1399 USD.

CURE: Guitar Player Magazine Editors’ Pick!


Guitar Player reviews the new CURE and chooses it as this month’s Editors’ Pick!

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Dr. Z Official
Kemper Profiler Pack 2


With the resounding success of the last Official Dr. Z Kemper Profile Pack, Dr. Z and Nashville guitarist Dave Baker were excited to collaborate again on new pack of profiles featuring more of Dr. Z’s lauded line up of amplifiers.


This pack includes 28 profiles of 9 amplifiers including an exclusive amplifier that has yet to be released to the public: the class A, parallel single-ended Z-PLUS.


Kemper’s revolutionary profiling amplifier has again allowed us to capture Dr. Z’s designs in stunning detail. This Kemper pack marks the “debut” of the Z-PLUS to guitarists worldwide in front of the physical release of the amp, which is slated for late-2017.

EMS “Bluesbreaker” Combo

The new EMS is now in a classic JTM-style “Bluesbreaker” 2×12 cabinet. Fitted with two Celestion Greenbacks, count on the ultimate in classic British gain. From “Beano” to “Back In Black,” the EMS covers it via two gain options, a “touch” response switch, and a switchable tube or solid state rectifier.

Dave Baker demos the EMS

In a 2 part demo, Dave Baker runs the EMS through it’s paces. From clean to mean, there’s a lot to explore, so strap in.

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