Official NOVA Demo with Dave Baker

Dave Baker takes us through all the features of the NOVA in this extensive demo.

CURE: Guitar Player Magazine Editors’ Pick!

Cure Blk/ZW w/ Footswitch

Guitar Player reviews the new CURE and chooses it as this month’s Editors’ Pick!

Z-MASTER: Joe Walsh Signature Amp

Dr. Z’s first official signature artist amp, the Z-Master 3×10 combo, is now available exclusively at Sweetwater!

Dr. Z EMS available now!

The EMS features 3 generations of classic British tones in one box. Available in head or 2×12 “Bluesbreaker” combo.

Featured Amp: NOVA

A new direction for Dr. Z Amps, the NOVA is a dual-channel amp that has two distinct clean and overdriven channels. Taking cues from a low-powered tweed twin, the NOVA has a vintage heart, but with all the modern features a player needs, making it both versatile and formidable.


The NOVA utilizes a unique blend-able overdrive circuit, which blends overdrive into the existing clean signal. This ensures note clarity, even under the most heavily overdriven settings, packing a wallop of rich harmonics with unmatched articulation.

Available as a 1×12 ultra-lite combo or a head, the NOVA offers modern features such as Metro Zero Loss effects loop, to maintain signal integrity even in the longest effects chains, and a post-phase inverter master volume for great tone from bedroom to bandstand.

Z-PLUS: Premier Guitar’s PREMIER GEAR!

The Z-PLUS receives yet another award, this time in the May edition of Premier Guitar!


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