A Note on Open Box/Demo Amplifiers

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Z Amplifiers have been held to a strict price controlled, “no discount” policy. This year, we have decided to allow our dealers to discount open box, demo/floor models, returns, refurbished, and otherwise “used” amplifiers they may have, at their discretion. Discounted amps will be clearly marked as such and will not have a factory warranty. Hopefully this will encourage you to investigate our dealers’ current stock for a great deal on a Dr. Z Amp.

Again, there is one important caveat to this agreement: discounted amplifiers from our dealers will NOT be covered by a factory warranty. However, this does not mean our dealers will sell an amp in any sort of disrepair. All discounted Dr. Z Amps will be sold in fully operational condition. Please buy with confidence. Despite not carrying the factory warranty ascribed to new products, the Dr. Z repair dept. will gladly service, modify, or otherwise advise on any of our products, be it new, old, used, discounted, demo’ed, etc. Please take a look at our variety of modifications and services available for our product line here.


Happy playing,

Dr. Z

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