100 Cures Shipped!




I would like to thank everyone who has purchased the new Cure amp. Since Jan. 2017, we have shipped over 100 Cures with 67 still in back order. This is an amazing honor for us. Not only have Cures sold at an incredible clip, they have been overwhelmingly accepted and raved about by their owners.

This amp just hits the spot; it has great clean and wonderful overdrive tones. It weighs only 33 lbs. and its level control works like the best attenuator ever built. A hand-built, American-made heirloom amplifier, at an import amp price, everyone needs the Cure to add to their stable of gear.  Either at home, in studio, at church, jam night, or on stage with a full band, the Cure will fit the bill.

Again, thank you to the 100+ players who have already purchased a Cure (some more than one!) and to those that have one on order, we will keep building them, you keep playing them.




Dr. Z

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